I hate the annoying “talking” phase I can’t wait to start fucking and I can’t wait to start cussing you out over Instagram hoes

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JW Meeks sofa.


JW Meeks sofa.

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twigs vouging

this is so beautiful

But okay like bitch okay

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Milt Kahl gave the final look to all deer characters, including adolescent Bambi. He ended up animating most of his personality scenes, including the section where Bambi meets Feline as an adult. As usual, the anatomy in his drawings feels rock solid while offering possibilities for unrealistic, even cartoony animation. Milt’s animation of Bambi following Feline through the clouds has nothing to do with realistic deer motion, but it interprets instead the dreamlike state of falling in love. 

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Sasha Grey for Twin Magazine IX (AW13/14) by Magdalena Wosinska

Sasha Grey for Twin Magazine IX (AW13/14) by Magdalena Wosinska

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I am I 目玉焼きニットプルオーバー

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